Week 5: Pai and Donjiang Village Homestay!

A lot has happened since my post last week! We had a 3 day weekend so I visited Pai (small touristy city north of Chiang Mai) and then starting Monday, we went to our first 1 week homestay in a organic farming village. Now I’m on the grid with plenty to share! Pai Summary: IContinue reading “Week 5: Pai and Donjiang Village Homestay!”

Week 4: Elephants and Rainy Season Hiking

Summary: On Friday, 20/9, for our Friday field trip, we got to visit Patara Elephant Farm. It was a really great day! First, we got time to hang out with some baby elephants and their moms while waiting for the whole group to arrive. The baby elephants were so friendly and loved playing with usContinue reading “Week 4: Elephants and Rainy Season Hiking”

Week 3: Waterfalls, Temples, New Normals

Summary: Wow I can’t believe it’s already been another week since my last entry! On Friday (13/9), we went on our first Friday excursion to some museums and temples – we go on these trips each Friday instead of normal classes. For the first half of the day we got to visit the history, art,Continue reading “Week 3: Waterfalls, Temples, New Normals”

Week 2: Settling in at Payap University

Summary: It has been a busy week! Last Friday we got to switch from staying in a hostel for orientation week to moving into our dorms at Payap University. It was so nice to unpack our suitcases! ISDSI provided us with bedding and bikes, helmets, and locks for getting around. There was still a lotContinue reading “Week 2: Settling in at Payap University”

Week 1: Orientation

Summary: I’ve now been in Thailand for one week! We’ve been very busy throughout orientation, but I’ve appreciated it because I’ve learned so much. After getting into Chiang Mai late Thursday night, our first day of orientation started Friday morning and it goes until tomorrow, Friday 6/9. For orientation all of the students on fallContinue reading “Week 1: Orientation”

First Few Days in Thailand

I’ve been in Thailand for almost a week. Traveling here was pretty grueling, but it has been very worth the long journey! I left my home in Hood River at 2:30 am on Wednesday, August 28th. After checking my bags, getting through security, I got on my first flight from PDX to LAX. I wasContinue reading “First Few Days in Thailand”